Alumina Triydrate (ATH)


Alumina Trihydrate ATH is non-toxic, halogen-free, chemically inert, and has low abrasiveness. ATH is the most frequently used flame retardant in the world. This mineral is a white powder that has thermal characteristics that give translucency and whiteness to the product. Hydrated alumina is dry to the touch. It is chemically combined with three water molecules and has a high melting temperature.

Available in different particle sizes, it can be used in a wide range of polymers at processing temperatures below 220°C. Additional benefits include arc and track resistance in plastics exposed to electrical arcing, acid resistance, and smoke suppression. ATH is an extremely functional and versatile pigment and useful in a number of coatings, inks, adhesives, caulks, and sealants applications.


  • Flame Retardant – Smoke Suppressant
  • Ultra-White – Translucent
  • High Purity – Blush Resistance
  • Faster Gel Time
  • Low Viscosity – Higher Loadings
  • Higher Mechanical Properties


Highly refined, inert mineral flame retardant and smoke suppressant for industrial applications.

Industrial uses include; thermoplastic, thermoset plastic (SMC/BMC, pultrusion/extrusion), elastomers, latex backing, coatings, and sealants.

Polyfill, Polyjet SM series is an alumina trihydrate product surface modified for better performance. Even distribution and free flowing properties permits higher loading levels without the generation of higher viscosities.

Used extensively in carpeting and other flooring applications for ideal polymer extension – allows very high loading levels

Optiload® series includes specially designed products suitable for a variety of demanding thermoset composite applications. Optiload® – specially designed low-viscosity products for high-loading systems.