Barium Sulfate


Cimbar Industrial Barite is the largest producer of Barium sulfate in North America. Barium sulfate is a chemically inert, high density mineral with a low surface area and is also a radiopaque agent. These characteristics make barite a perfect, high-performance filler for many applications including coatings, TiO2 extension, industrial, and X-ray contrast applications.

Cimbar supplies calcium carbonate as a fine white powder or granulation for use in industrial applications in High Bright and Off White grades.
Cimbar offers API barite options for drilling fluid applications. We are the only major producer of API barite for drilling fluid applications who is not also a drilling fluids producer.


  • Chemically Inert
  • Easily Dispersed
  • High Brightness
  • Highest density of any extender
  • Good energy absorption and sound deadening properties
  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • 2.5-3.0 Mohs Hardness
  • Excellent Sanding Properties
  • Good Scrub Resistance


To accommodate an ever-expanding range of applications Cimbar offers several Barium Sulfate product lines:

  • Cimbar (high brightness)
  • Barimite (off-white)
  • Bara (economy) products
  • API barite options (drilling fluid applications).  We are the only major producer of API barite for drilling fluid applications that is not also a drilling fluids producer.
  • Exbar

CIMBAR’s Cimbar BF product is the next generation of precipitated extenders. With its ultra-fine particle size, high barium sulfate content, low solubility, high brightness, and chemical inertness. Cimbar BF is ideal for applications such as top coats, printing inks, powder coatings, and lead-acid batteries, and many others.

Applications for Cimbar BF

Architectural coatings Cosmetics Paper
Automotive Primers Gloss enamels Plastics
Automotive topcoats Gloss latexes Powder coatings
Batteries Industrial coatings Semi-gloss latexes

Our Cimbar Barium Sulfate grades are made using only the highest quality white, natural barium sulfate ore. The Cimbar Barium Sulfate grades unique properties of fine grind, high specific gravity, low solubility and chemical inertness make them ideal for many applications.

Cimbar Applications

Acoustical CompoundsGloss LatexesPowder Coatings
AdhesivesHigh Gloss EnamelPlastics
Architectural CoatingsIndustrial CoatingsPlastisols
Automotive PrimersInsulating MaterialsRubber Goods
Automotive TopcoatsIndustrial PrimersSound Attenuation Products
CeramicsLatex productsSemi-Gloss Latexes
Friction MaterialsMaintenance CoatingsUrethane Foams

Barimite grades are produced from high-quality, natural, off-white barium sulfate ore. Cimbar’s broad range of Barimite products offer a clean, high purity, high specific gravity, low solubility, and chemically inert filler for your formulations. Barimite products are a cost effective grades that are ideal for applications that do not require high brightness. These properties have made Barimite products the industry standard for consistent quality and performance in a wide range of end-use applications.

Applications for Barimite Grades

AdhesivesGloss latexesPowder coatings
Architectural coatingsHigh gloss enamelsRubber
Automotive primersIndustrial coatingsSemi-gloss latexes
Automotive topcoatsLatex productsUrethane foams
Friction materialsPlastisols

Cimbar’s BARA 325 grade is a more economical natural, off-white barium sulfate. Cimbar’s BARA 325 is a clean, high purity, high specific gravity, low solubility barium sulfate and it’s chemically inert. These properties have made BARA 325 the industry standard for quality and performance in a wide range of end-use applications.

Cimbar’s 4.1 and 4.2 specific gravity API barite grades for the drilling fluid market are produced from a natural barium sulfate ore and they are designed to meet or exceed all API requirements. Cimbar’s API barite grades of barium sulfate are the industry standard for quality and performance in oil field applications. Our API barite grades can also be considered for use as economical barium sulfate options for a wide range of other end-use applications that don’t require high purity and high specific gravity.

Applications for Drilling Fluid Grades

Acoustical compoundsMold release agentsRubber
Drilling fluids & other oilfieldPlasticsUrethane foams
Friction Materials  

ExBar® barite products are manufactured from a high-quality natural barium sulfate ore. Strict quality control during manufacture results in consistent products that are used in paints, plastics, rubber, adhesives, sealants, and many other applications.

ExBar® HD line features high density for applications that are non-color critical.
ExBar® W High Purity White barite is where color and purity are principal concerns.
ExBar® C is a blend of high quality natural barium sulfate and calcium carbonate ores.